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Corporate Services

Wissen Skills and Consulting Services:- 

Our services enable the corporate , Colleges or any firm to choose us asa the only one stop-solution company, with every need taken care of. We, with our quality, Economical and dependable services enagage our most experienced and skilled professional to meet your service needs.

We specilaise in offering services in:-

1. Robotics  - We have created a Robot which works as a face recognition machine purposely used for Attendance Biometric, Access Control system, customer walk-in and very importantly for this Covid-19 situation, where the Robot detects the person with its thermal screening and srutinizing if the person has a fever, prompts to wear Mask, has an inbuilt ability to store masks and sanitizers, face detection feature. This can be customised based on client needs.

2. Drone Technology -  We create Drones which can be used for spraying Pesticides, Insecticides, Seeding , Vigilance and Security, Survilance , Tele-Medicine deliverable instrument and many more adaptable ussages.

3. Digital Marketing and Advertising - We take up end-end Digital Services for a any product or services promotion, brand building, campaigning, Web management, Animation and Graphics, Creative designs, Flyers, Phamplets, Leaflets, Brand Strategies, Voice Over for any Advertisings and many more features.

4. Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking - We do Cyber Security services thru Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security and Data management. We specialise in "Piracy Control"particularly for Film industry, where due to piracy, lot of economical wastage and personalities are absurdly exposed. We control the piracy and eliminate the link of the exposed content in seconds.

5. Human Resources-  We do HR Auditing, HR Consulting, HR training and team management, Payroll Management, Third Party Manpower Management, Recruitment partnering, Setting up a Company with Policy and Procedures, 

6. Content and Curriculum Writing - Our most recognised speciality is content and curriculum writing. We write content for various websites, letters, books and as per the need. We also write Curriculum for Graduate , Post Graduate , Diploma programs on various technologies, that can be trained.  We also train-the-trainer, on the technologies.

7. Momentzz Event Management

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