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About The Director

Mr.Y S Ravindra, prefers to go by Ravi, is a seasoned HR professional with 17 years of industry Experience. He worked with top companies like Satyam, Oracle, SW Technologies and Apollo group in senior HR roles. He also is a Business English trainer, Communication Etiquettes trainer and a Leadership Trainer.

He had the passionate opportunity to deliver many guest lectures at colleges and forums, where he stressed on speaking good language as an expertise one should learn, besides having education and experience.

During his days of work, he found that most people could not speak basic normal english, were nervous to talk, had public and podium fear, and were not knowledgeable enough on the subject, while they were skilled , had good experience and had good educational background.

All these made Ravi realize that it's the language knowledge that lacked and the ability to communicate effectively was missing.

With a vision, and his years of corporate career experience he found a start-up under the name "WISSEN".

WISSEN, is his brainchild, where he started the Business English training, Leadership training, HR Training, Technical trainings like Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Digital marketing, Python, Big Data, Bloch Chain Technology, Cloud Computing, Excel, Java, C, C++, SQL, PHP and many industry oriented professional skill courses that are internationally certified, which are both online and instructor led training 

He wants to create an economical platform for every individual to step in to "WISSEN" office and become confident with the courses offered.

It is his dream to inculcate confidence, thru WISSEN (Knowledge).

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