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Retail Management
It does not matter if you own one store, ten stores, or a thousand retail locations.The results will only be as strong as the key .....

Retail Management

It does not matter if you own one store, ten stores, or a thousand retail locations.The results will only be as strong as the key retail management personnel at each level of your organization, whether it is your retail store managers, field managers, or home office leadership is competent to sell B2B and gain business. 

Our Module training on Retail Training Services has the skill, knowledge, and retail management training content you need to drive better results. 

We envisage more on the Selling skills, Product knowledge, profits thru effective selling and other programs which are all customized under our “Sales Training Program”. Sales, is the integral part and the most vital element to win Business.We enable companies and individuals to compete for high-value Business-to-Business sales (Corporate and Channel Sales) by developing strategies, processes and skills to win business consistently, especially when the sales process is complex and the marketplace demanding. 

WISSEN offers to bring together the proven methodologies in sales performance, leadership and management, customer experience and Channel Enablers under one roof. 

How we help you?

We help you transform your sales organization through: 

  • Precise, consistent sales execution program training
  • Customer focus and selling system alignment training
  • High-performance team-collaboration
  • An accelerated path to sustained performance.

Some of the prominent Sales training topics and workshop programs are listed below:

  • Conceptual Selling- Optimizing Every Interaction with Customers.
  • Strategic Selling-Comprehensive Strategy for winning Complex Sales.
  • Large Account Management Process (LAMP)-Strategic Planning for Protecting and Growing Key Accounts
  • Channel Success Essentials(CSE)-Enhance Channel Sales Productivity and Drive Channel Revenue Growth
  • Funnel Score Card-Opportunity Evaluation and Loss Review Process
  • Strategic Selling Funnel Management-Funnel Management to enhance forecast accuracy
  • Strategic Selling & Coaching- Advancing Adoption of the Strategic Selling framework
  • Conceptual Selling- Driving sales process adoption to increase use of effective behaviors
  • SPIN Selling Conversations-Framework to develop the art of persuasive probing Inline to the above sales training program, there are some concept based trainings to enable an individual or a team to perform and deliver the best to sell the business product.
  • Spark – Igniting Performance- Create a high performing sales team & consistent customer engagement process
  • Sales Leadership- Transcend to the next level by translating business objectives into effective behaviours
  • Sales Coaching – Adapt and develop your team to be able to deliver to a moving goal post
  • Developing Business Advocacy-Learn to Network & grow your coverage by developing advocacy platforms
  • Sales Assimilation-Accelerate productivity in a new business environment or a new market

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